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My aim

Publicerat: 2005-06-25 09:07


Detta är en text från arkivet. Den publicerades ursprungligen i kategorin Dikter.


What can I do, what can I say
watch myself bleed and fade away
How can I explain that the pain in my soul
has forever changed what I see as my goal?

To please was always my aim
But the rules kept changing
I was confused by the game
Now I feel like avenging

I kept telling you to come clear
Attempting to kill my worst fear
I didn’t know the first thing about myself and me
Always asking who you wanted me to be

To please was always my aim
Why were the rules changing?
Maybe I have myself to blame
What is the point of raging?

Want to be appreciated
and not feel like I’ve been rated
I have concluded that true love starts inside
and I ask myself to become my own bride

To please was always my aim
Now that I am changing
Some things will not stay the same
will you feel like avenging?

I shouldn’t worry for you I know
I’m scared to get another blow
Something that may scatter all my newfound peace
having the nagging thought of that makes me freeze

To please was always my aim
Now that I am waking
I have to set a new frame
without the fear of breaking

Åsa Broms Holmquist


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