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scared men do fuck

Publicerat: 2005-03-28 20:33


Detta är en text från arkivet. Den publicerades ursprungligen i kategorin Sexualitet.


scared men do fuck. that’s all they do. they fuck, fuck up, rape, plunder, abuse, misuse and they lie about it.

scared men fuck beacuse they can’t make love, and they struggle to preserve the status quo because they know that if noone rapes, they can’t fuck anymore, but will have to learn to make love, to actually respect, to listen and to stand back, and they can’t, I tell you, they cannot bear that thought, and they’d rather see the women they think of as ”theirs” be victims than to learn how to be compassionate, sensitive and listening.

scared men can’t listen, can’t feel, can’t recognize the simplest pattern after beeing walked through it eaven a hundred times. scared men can’t recognize anyones needs or wishes, not eaven their own; cannot fulfill more than their own immediate bodily awkwardness. not able to plan ahead, not able to listen eaven to themselves, they cannot begin comprehend why the awkwardness keeps growing, why the world seems to be against them, why the itch keeps itching. and that makes them scared, and that makes them fuck, because that’s how they interpret all the intching, and so scared men do fuck. that’s all they do.




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