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nature vs nurture debate

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#1  nature vs nurture debate allabenin
2006-10-03 18:15:40

excuse me writting english, but my swedish (written at least) is not sufficient for this... ;)

however, feel free to write in swedish, i understand.

my question would be: what do you think about the recent evidence, coming from genetics-research and neurology, indicating that men and women are behaving differently and have differences in the structure of their intelligence due to nature, not environment?

(welcome to read about this issue: http://davidkramer.dk/article_medicor02_2006.html)

#2  Sv: nature vs nurture debate heffaklumpen
2006-10-03 19:08:24

I would argue that both predisposition and environment determines the outcome and that individual predisposition is probably more important than that related to sex. I would also question if predisposed traits are of a nature that is relevant to the choices we make in a modern society.

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