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Kom till kvarnen på söder ikväll kl 18!

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#1  Kom till kvarnen på söder ikväll kl 18! DavidM
2006-03-30 11:35:02

En intressant diskussion med och om David Deida kommer ske kl 18 på krogen kvarnen på söder i stockholm.

Han pratar mycket om kön och sex.

Sök på google så får ni se.
Lite kan ni läsa här: http://www.bluetruth.org/

#2  Sv: Kom till kvarnen på söder ikväll kl 18! DavidM
2006-03-30 11:43:09

Kanske ska tillägga att han inte kommer vara där utan att det mer är ett sällskap som är inne på honom som ska diskutera hand tanka och hur män ska vara i relationer etc.

#3  Sv: Kom till kvarnen på söder ikväll kl 18! kezo
2006-03-30 12:24:23

Intressant länk, men snubben som ska diskuteras verkar lite för mycket "män är från mars och kvinnor är från venus" för min smak.

Dessutom bor jag inte i Stockholm.

#4  DavidM olaberg
2006-03-30 12:40:53

Kan du avlägga rapport i morgon, för oss västkustingar? :-)

#5  Sv: Kom till kvarnen på söder ikväll kl 18! DavidM
2006-03-30 14:48:01

Kezo: Det är han inte. Men jag får ta reda på mer ikväll. Vet inte så mycket om honom.

Olaberg: Självklart.

Här är en intervju med honom:

Women theese days want to be taken. They want to be melted in youre arms.

DEIDA Exactly. What would happen for every hour that a person spent fully investigated in the consideration of love, specifically “how do you give love, how do you withhold it, the mechanics”; you spent equal time celebrating love, the love that you would be otherwise waiting for from others so you could open? Imagine you just took it on like you took on a yoga practice, for one hour, no matter what your partner does, you are going to practice love in the most sensitive but creative way with her.
What if you practiced that kind of celebration in all of your

HYGEIA Can you talk about the masculine way of giving and receiving love?

DEIDA Sure, as a man grows spiritually both his intimate relationship and his career become less and less for personal gain or pleasure and more an expression of love. The masculine penetrates both his woman sexually as well as the world through his work both as expressions of his love.

HYGEIA Interesting. You’re saying that entering your woman and entering fully into the world can be viewed as forms of intercourse, one sexual and the other worldly.

DEIDA Yes. Doubt and uncertainty cause men to “go limp” or they hold back out of fear. In order to penetrate the chaos and closure of the world and his woman with his love a man must develop sensitivity, spontaneity and a deep connection to truth.

HYGEIA You can’t fool Her. She wants to know that your love is real.

DEIDA Right. They know when you are just dicking around. If you sheepishly penetrate them to gratify your own needs, your woman and the world will feel your lack of dedication. If you are tentative, unclear, doubting then you find that they distract you, suck your energy and draw you into endless complications.
>------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Stage one we could describe as the stereotype macho jerk and submissive housewife. Each is selfishly seeking their own pleasure and fulfillment with little regard for the other and disagreements are dealt with through
force and manipulation.

HYGEIA The pain and conflict of stage one move couples to learn how to communicate better; developing listening skills, setting barriers, keeping your word etc.

DEIDA All of which are valuable and necessary. Also as women grow into second stage,

HYGEIA So in stage two men and women become more independent by men developing their feminine side and women their masculine. They also become more alike.

DEIDA Exactly. There is not the dramatic attraction and repulsion there was in stage one. Often this may lead to sexual neutralization and spiritual stagnation. Women can become hardened and men can lose their edge. Stage two spiritually oriented people often become stiffened women and spineless
men--very efficient and quite safe, but their sexual and spiritual passion screams for satisfaction.

DEIDA Correct. One big missing piece in stage two is that occasionally, women want to be ravished by a dangerously loving man of strength and integrity. And men want to be invited into pleasure by a sultry slut with a deep and open heart.

HYGEIA These longings are our very nature and must be fulfilled.

DEIDA Of course. If you suppress the darker, more wicked textures of love, then your sexuality becomes tepid. And the same is true spiritually: unless you can really "do it" with the divine, your spiritual heart begins to starve.

HYGEIA Say more.

DEIDA Without knowing the ever-present edge of death a man can become a
sexual and spiritual wimp. The sensitive, stage two man must now grow to risk everything for the sake of love. He realizes that he must discover and live his deepest purpose in life or die a mediocre fizzle. He can no longer tolerate bullshit, his own or his lady’s.

HYGEIA And women?

DEIDA A woman’s heart desires passionate communion more deeply than the competent independence of stage two. If she is honest she’ll admit constant self-protection and self-sufficiency is stressful, boring, and unfulfilling. She must allow and actively invite deep, forceful, blissful penetration--spiritually and sexually. Welcome to stage three.

#6  calling suresh UppåtEmma
2006-03-30 14:53:47

calling suresh on all stations -

eh, vad menas med detta o vise guru? :)

#7  Sv: Kom till kvarnen på söder ikväll kl 18! Gullegubben
2006-03-30 15:11:42

Mycket intressant intervju. Jag har beställt "The way of the superior man" från amazon, men den kommer inte på ett bra tag.

suresh kan nog reda ut det här. Vi var inte klara med khecari-diskussionen, förresten.

#8  Sv: Kom till kvarnen på söder ikväll kl 18! Gullegubben
2006-03-30 15:17:59

"You can make love with a hard belly or a soft belly, but love flows more fully through a soft belly."

Haha, det här kommer jag ihåg från min pranayama-kurs. Lärarassistenten kämpade dag efter dag för att jag skulle kunna behålla en "budda belly" under kapalabati. Inte lätt. Det är nog därför avancerade yogautövare aldrig har något six-pack, trots att de gör allt med magen.

Du måste bli medlem för att få skriva i forumet.



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